Case Studies.


Uses NitroAccelerator to improve cloud application load time & performance

View Canon Case Study


Achieving real-time replication while pushing over a terabyte of transactional data per month

View Qualcomm Case Study


Maintaining real-time data availability by reducing replication latency by 80%

View Dynatrace Case Study

Common Use Cases

  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Application acceleration resulting in improved load time and UI responsiveness

  • Perform real-time replication over WAN connections around the world to maintain performance data for websites

  • Move project data using replication and SSIS between two remote sites, eliminating data transfer times as a project bottleneck

  • Decrease bandwidth while synchronizing data centers, lowering ISP costs over 70%

  • Reduce end-user load times over 60% for a point-of-sale system communicating over satellite

  • Replicate data between California and China, achieving up to 9000 transactions per second

  • Achieve 90% performance improvement and enhance security of end-user applications over the Internet

  • & much more

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