Use Cases

  1. Perform real-time replication over WAN connections around the world to maintain performance data for websites
  2. Move project data using replication and SSIS between two remote sites, eliminating data transfer times as a project bottleneck
  3. Decrease bandwidth while synchronizing data centers, lowering ISP costs over 70%
  4. Reduce end-user load times over 60% for a point-of-sale system communicating over satellite
  5. Replicate data between California and China, achieving up to 9000 transactions per second
  6. Achieve 90% performance improvement and enhance security of end-user applications over the Internet



Uses NitroAccelerator to improve cloud application performance

View Canon Case Study

“NitroAccelerator is a no brainer when it comes to improving cloud application performance.”

Peter Boonstra, Canon


Achieving real-time replication while pushing over a terabyte of transactional data per month

View Qualcomm Case Study

“The compression rate was 85% ... The Distribution Agent actually had to wait for the Log Reader Agent.”

Tai Le, Qualcomm


Maintaining real-time data availability by reducing replication latency by as much as 80%

View Dynatrace Case Study

“Prior to NitroAccelerator, our replication jobs for 175 servers around the world were taking 26 hours each to complete. It reduced that to 2 hours. We could not run our business without NitroAccelerator.”

Paul Wilson, Dynatrace