About Nitrosphere

Founded in 2009, Nitrosphere set out to revolutionize network performance with its user-friendly and low-maintenance solution. Today, Nitrosphere is a leader in pure network acceleration, committed to delivering exceptional value to its customers without the need for additional hardware or proxies.

About NitroAccelerator

Nitrosphere's endpoint-based solution solution, NitroAccelerator, empowers organizations to optimize their network performance by leveraging their existing hardware to remove performance barriers caused by geographical distance and bandwidth constraints.

With a customer base spanning all industries and verticals, NitroAccelerator has garnered a reputation as a trusted network performance solution with customer organization benefits encompassing enhanced efficiency, increased ROI, and competitive edge.

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Leadership Team

Mark Wright


Mark is a trailblazer in the field of database management products, with a wealth of experience gained from his tenure at renowned companies such as BMC Software and Quest Software. He is credited with the development of Change Manager and LiteSpeed for SQL Server, both of which are considered leading products in the industry. Mark's passion for technology dates back to his formative years when he began pushing the limits of hardware as a young student. He has since secured multiple patents for his innovative work in virtualization and compression technologies. Mark enjoys creating solutions that optimize network performance to its fullest potential.

Emily Bersin


Emily has dedicated her career to developing cutting-edge database management products, with a strong emphasis on performance optimization. She has a keen interest in introducing new technologies to the market. Emily's first foray into the database space was at Imceda Software, which was later acquired by Quest. In her most recent role as Product Architect at Idera, she led several notable projects, including the industry-leading SQL Safe Backup for SQL Server enterprise backup solutions. Emily graduated with honors from Tufts University, where she earned a dual degree in Computer Science and Spanish. She is also a track and field NCAA All-American.

josh quintana nitrosphere cpo

Josh Quintana

Chief Product Officer

As the head of product management at Nitrosphere, Josh Quintana is responsible for spearheading business objectives that fuel growth and customer success. With nearly two decades of experience as a community and product leader, Josh has held various roles focused on scaling businesses and startups through strategy, implementation, and consulting. Based in Austin, TX, Josh enjoys studying dynamical systems, camping, outdoor photography.

Low bandwidth support

Throughput increase of 2-8X. Latency reduction of 80%.

Mixed connection support

Real-time Dynamic Compression Level Support

Chatty app support

HyperCache, MARS & SMB Support

High bandwidth support

Throughput increase of 2-12X. Latency reduction of 100%.