NEW! NitroAccelerator accelerates TLS 1.3 connections.

NitroAccelerator is a software solution to TCP performance issues.

Expand the capabilities of your existing network connections
without user interruption or complex configuration.

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"NitroAccelerator improved the communication between a SQL server and our on-premises systems by a factor of 3x."
- Banco Bci

“NitroAccelerator is a no brainer when it comes to improving our cloud application performance.”

- Canon Europe

“Replication for 175 servers around the world was taking 26 hours each to complete. Nitrosphere reduced that to 2 hours.”
- Dynatrace



NitroAccelerator works within your existing security layers and is approved to run on military-grade networks.

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No coding or complex network config required; the Nitro console enables quick configuration and tuning.

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Deploy and accelerate in seconds without the need for third party acceleration appliances or downtime.

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  • How does the trial process work?

    After requesting a trial, you will be emailed everything you need to get started.

    A member of the Nitrosphere team will also reach out to you as a personal point of contact and to offer assistance with install, tuning, proof of concept planning, and pricing/purchasing information.

    The 14-day trial countdown will not begin until the time of installation.

    A free trial can be requested at: /trial/

  • Is it Cloud-compatible?

    Yes - As long as your IT team has management access to VM into the instance to install NitroAccelerator. If you have connections with a cloud provider that would like to include NitroAccelerator within its marketplace, please reach out.

  • Does it need to be installed everywhere?

    No - NitroAccelerator accelerates the connections between the endpoints that it is installed on, though the benefits of deploying to more endpoints reduces overall congestion throughout the environment by decreasing bandwidth usage and server I/O wait times up to 96%.

  • Does it work with Linux?

    NitroAccelerator only installs to Windows machines. However, it is possible to reduce latency by using a Linux system as an endpoint with Nitro installed to a Windows system as a proxy.

  • Will a Server reboot be required?

    No - Once NitroAccelerator is started or stopped, a restart of the client-server applications, services, or agents will re-create the connections to gracefully enable or disable acceleration.

  • Are mass and/or headless deployment options available?

    Yes - Both install and uninstall is available via Admin Command Prompt and all settings can be edited within Windows Registry Editor.

  • What does it accelerate by default?

    Upon default installation, NitroAccelerator optimizes new SMB & SQL Server (TDS) connections. Additional TCP-based ports outside of those above can be added within Tools > Configure Additional Protocols.

  • Can it accelerate .NET Remoting?

    Yes - .NET Remoting developers choose the ports they put their services on. Enter the port(s) within Tools > Configure Additional Protocols, Check ‘Accelerate’, and restart the connection or service to enable acceleration.

  • Will it benefit low speed connections?

    Yes - The default settings are traditionally the most effective for an initial round of testing. However, if the connection speed is extremely slow, we have more powerful compression settings available.

  • Will it benefit medium speed connections?

    Yes - The recommended default install is traditionally the most effective for this case.

  • Will it benefit high speed connections?

    Yes - NitroAccelerator has a feature which leverages existing optimization plus the benefit an open UDP port to eliminate all latency from high speed connections. Tools > ZLDC



Accelerating connections for client-server ERP Applications and enabling Real-time SQL Server Replication over distance.


Healthcare & Research

Optimizing & securing HIPAA Compliant EHR and EMR connections for remote and popup clinics.



Accelerate n-tier applications to optimize the management of timely and essential operations.