Network Acceleration in Government

NitroAccelerator is a network performance solution that combines security, scaleability, and ease-of-use to drastically reduce latency and bandwidth fees where it is needed the most.

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Data is the new oil.
We improve the pipeline.

As networks have continued to get faster, so too have the lengths they span. Physics dictates that the farther something must travel, the longer it takes to make the trip. For network data, the time it takes a single bit of data to travel across the network and back is the latency that is the cause of many performance bottlenecks.

This act of waiting is both defined and measured as latency.

What could you do with your time and resources if a no-conflict,no-config tool was able to drastically reduce your latency?



Nitrosphere's software, NitroAccelerator, enables you to implement applications with modern architectures while enabling you to make decisions based on what your end users need without the limitation of worrying about performance or security at the endpoint.

How does it work?

NitroAccelerator installs on endpoints to optimize the network communication between via sophisticated algorithmic compression, HyperCaching, Adaptive Packet Compression, and advanced Ack reduction processes.

The zero-configuration software accelerates, secures, and reduces costs of network applications and data movement over the WAN or cloud. The solution pays for itself within months by improving operating margin, service goals, and by drastically reducing bandwidth fees and lag times.

Traditional WAN accelerators typically require additional hardware to operate.

As a software-only solution, Nitrosphere does not require expensive changes to infrastructure in order to function.


Additional Hardware

Distributed Caching

Server Downtime

Quantitative Latency

Initial benefits are immediately apparent after a 10 minute install and tuning. We are just now scraping the surface of the longterm benefits that our customers experience.

What we know so far:


Real-time Native SQL Server Replication

3-5x SQL Server Query execution times

80-90% Reductions in network bandwidth

30-50x Network File Transfer Speeds

40-90% Network Application Performance

30%-90% .NET Application Performance

Up to 90% savings in Cloud fees.

TCP Ack Reduction through ZLDC

0 Latency over high-speed closed network connections

Social Latency

NitroAccelerator does more than simply reduce TCP-based protocol latency within networks.

It also reduces greyouts, cloud fees, and IT support tickets.

How does one quantify the impact of saving hours of time that would otherwise go to lag time and constant performance tuning?

The Nitrosphere team is working with partners and network monitoring tools to determine and quantify the long term impacts of the NitroAccelerator software across all levels of the organizations that we work with.

Our goal is to drastically reduce tax-payer spending on cloud fees while improving network stability and data availability.

“Nitrosphere has solved a long-standing problem with SQL replication and app performance… our throughput is now streamlined and we are seeing an 80% reduction in bandwidth across our WAN… I strongly support these fine people and their product.”David H. Vaught - Systems Analyst III at NAVSEA ESSM PROGRAM
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We work with partners that optimize & benefit public infrastructure and operations.

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