Qualcomm Case Study

Qualcomm is a world leader in next generation wireless technologies with over 11,000 patents and $10 billion in revenue.


Qualcomm is using SQL Server to replicate data between San Diego and China using pull transactional replication. The replication over the WAN simply was not able to keep up.


Qualcomm tested SQL Nitro using 1.2 million commands replicated between San Diego and China. With SQL Nitro the commands per second shot up from 166 to 9000 per second and the time to replicate fell to just 5 minutes from 110 minutes.


They now have SQL Nitro in place between the 2 sites allowing them to achieve real-time replication and to easily keep up with increases in production in China. Currently they are pushing over a terabyte of data per month between the 2 sites.

“We are doing a pull transactional replication from our SQL Server in China to San Diego. I did two tests comprised of about 1.2 millions commands each. I was very impressed with the results (average numbers below)."

Metric Nitro Without Nitro With Nitro
Cmds/Sec 166 9000
Packets/Sec Sent 40 300
Replication Time (min) 110 5
  • “The compression rate according to SQL NitroAccelerator was 85% ... The Distribution Agent actually had to wait for the Log Reader Agent.”
    Tai Le