SQL Server Replication Acceleration

Native SQL Server Replication is not known for its performance, especially on low-bandwidth and/or high-latency networks. With NitroAccelerator you don’t have to consider expensive, cumbersome options such as WAN acceleration appliances and log shipping. NitroAccelerator installs in minutes, does not require restarting SQL Server, and immediately begins accelerating your Native SQL Server replication connections to attain real-time performance, even over your slowest connections.

“… 541,092 commands in about 2 hours. That is insane… I’d be waiting DAYS for it to catch up with a backlog that large.”


SERVERS Windows 2008 and later

PC Vista and later

SQL SERVERS 2000 and later


Adaptive packet compression dynamically adjusts TCP packet size based on the data

Encryption secures network traffic between endpoints


1) Download and install your 14-day free trial with default configuration

2) Run the Speed Test to get baseline results of application performance, replication, and data movement

3) Install NitroAccelerator on your selected endpoints and run the Speed Test again to compare results

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