Client-Server Application Acceleration

Many companies have either in-house or packaged applications that were developed with a client-server (2-tiered) architecture. These applications worked fine when everyone was at the same location, but as a company expands with more dispersed operations including international locations, remote branches and mobile users, performance can slow to a crawl. Many client-server applications were just not designed to be run across connections where the bandwidth varies per client connection.

Until now, your options were:

  1. Move to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI, Terminal Services) such as Citrix and Microsoft provide – This is not how the applications were designed to run and is more expensive than many think (see this interesting article on the cost of VDI. And end-users tend to really dislike VDI.
  2. Install WAN accelerators such as from Riverbed – These are great if you have six months and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s also like using a sledgehammer to do a screwdriver’s job. Here is an article by Pinal Dave on that very subject.
  3. Add more bandwidth – This adds additional recurring monthly costs for each site when available. What about remote workers?

Nitrosphere offers solutions that will immediately solve your performance problem with your client-server applications without breaking the bank. Here is our product that can help you now:

SQL Server Applications & Windows-based Client-Server Applications – NitroAccelerator

NitroAccelerator accelerates client-server applications that utilize SQL Server (TDS), .NET Remoting, SMB, and can be configured to support any TCP-based protocol.

“Let’s say on average, Nitro gives back about 25% of the time of a person’s entire day who interacts with SQL directly or indirectly in some way. It is so reliable, what used to be magic has become invisible. That’s the overall impact on the company.”
– Jason Schlueter, Communicus

Nitrosphere provides fast, secure, simple solutions to application performance issues caused by the network.

Downloadable Resources

2-Tier vs 3-Tier App Architecture (PDF)

NitroAccelerator Whitepaper (PDF)