Use Cases

Reduce latency

Reduced Bandwidth Costs

Immediate ROI

Improved WAN Throughput

Easy to implement WAN acceleration for SQL servers

With the newly added support for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) you can now accelerate data flow between the SSAS server and SSAS OLAP client!


    • Using NITROACCELERATOR our customers are able to:
      1. Perform real-time replication over WAN connections around the world to maintain performance data for websites
      2. Move project data using replication and SSIS between two remote sites, eliminating data transfer times as a project bottleneck
      3. Decrease bandwidth while synchronizing datacenters, lowering ISP costs over 70%
      4. Reduce end-user load times over 60% for a point-of-sale system communicating over satellite
      5. Replicate data between California and China, achieving up to 9000 transactions per second
      6. Achieve 90% performance improvement and enhance security of end-user applications over the Internet

    • 1. Adaptive packet compression dynamically adjusts TCP packet size based on the data
      2. HyperCache provides substantial performance benefits by minimizing the transfer of data between endpoints
      3. Intelligent protocol detection enables compression of non-native TDS implementations like Java applications
      4. Encryption secures network traffic between endpoints

    • 1. Install NITROACCELERATOR on all endpoints requiring acceleration and/or encryption
    • 2. Restart your SQL Server applications (note: restart of SQL Server is NOT required)
    • 3. Enable optional features (encryption, HyperCache)
    • 4. Begin accelerating!

    • 1. Cloud-hosted SQL Server applications
      2. WAN Replication and WAN Optimization
      3. Custom applications that access SQL Server
      4. SQL Server Integration Services/Data Transformation Services
      5. SharePoint
      6. Crystal Reports

Speed up cloud or client-server applications that span geographically dispersed locations including SQL Server Analysis Services


Optimize traffic between application servers and database servers in three-tiered architecture


Accelerate database replication across a WAN


Lower cost of data charges in downloading data from cloud-based services & defer costs of expensive bandwidth upgrades


Maintaining real-time replication with latency reduction of up to 80%

View Dynatrace Case Study

“Prior to NitroAccelerator, our replication jobs for 175 servers around the world were taking 26 hours each to complete. It reduced that to 2 hours. We could not run our business without NitroAccelerator.”

Paul Wilson, Dynatrace