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To remain competitive in the advertising research market, the IT leadership team of Phoenix Communicus wanted to empower its teams to work with data and analytics at scale and across distance.

With NitroAccelerator, Phoenix Communicus was able to increase the application performance of Tableau and SMB File sharing processes with zero disruption to end users. The implementation of NitroAccelerator helped this company accelerate their time and capability of collection, analyses, and data-to-decision processes.

Scaling up analytics on-prem and cloud

For over 50 years, Communicus has guided Fortune 100 advertisers in improving their advertising insights and practices by analyzing massive amounts of data. As a result of expansion and multiple acquisitions, the size of their data sets and the geographic size of their network increased quickly.

Prior to the implementation of NitroAccelerator, analysts would often need to wait 30–45 minutes for data collection and analysis processes to take place. This type of delay hindered their ability to determine and provide large-scale actionable insights at optimal rates. Network latency and increased bandwidth usage were to blame for the slow query response times across multiple locations.

Given the growing scale of datasets and the distance of worksites, this advertising consultant needed an easy-to-scale solution to optimize their existing infrastructure without increasing attack surface.

Network Performance Optimization

NitroAccelerator was installed to the company SQL Servers, both on-prem and running on an Azure VM, as well as headless to select client workstations within the network. After restarting the SQL applications, acceleration began to cut query wait times by 50–90% to ultimately improve application performance.

With Nitrosphere’s software solution empowering Communicus’s existing Tableau SQL and SMB File Sharing connections, the friction previously caused by latency and bandwidth issues were reduced and the ability to increase application processes were reported throughout.

LAN Levels of Performance Over the WAN

Throughput was improved by a factor of 8x for standard users and by 20x for Tableau power users. SMB File Transfer speeds improved by 20x. Bandwidth usage dropped by 80–96% and resulted in sharp reductions of related cloud fees. The performance of analysts increased as larger and more informed reports were able to be generated in 2–5 minutes instead of 40–45 minutes.

We are seeing significantly better throughput with NitroAccelerator. We are all remote with analysts in South Carolina, Chicago, Kentucky, Minnesota, LA, Tucson, everywhere. None of it is localized and so we depend really highly on this solution. Especially because we don’t have control over the home internet of our users. If they are pulling a million records of a really wide dataset over the internet, NitroAccelerator speeds it up well over 50%.

– Steven H., SVP Data Operations, Phoenix Communicus

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