Nitrosphere provides
global SQL Server replication accelerationto Acacia Communication

Fiber Optic Products Supplier and Manufacturer

Use Case
SQL Server Replication Acceleration

SQL Server
Windows Server OS

SQL Server Replication Backlog

In order to move sales forward, test data collected in product test chambers in China needs to be quickly replicated back to the US for analysis. The speed of data collection and approval is crucial for winning bids.
When Acacia approached Nitrosphere to accelerate their SQL Server replication processes, they had a constant backlog of around 2 million transactions, which caused critical sales processes to be delayed by 2-5 days. As a result, they were unable to complete multiple bids per month from their biggest customers.

Network Acceleration as Software

Acacia installed NitroAccelerator on both endpoints and restarted replication agents.

LAN Levels of Performance Over the WAN

Within three days of activating NitroAccelerator’s SQL Server replication acceleration, the backlog was substantially reduced, and the latency of the replication distance of around 7,000 miles had dropped to nearly zero. Acacia’s critical processes, including product manufacturing, testing, certification, and sales, were now reliably operating in near-real time. The use of NitroAccelerator improved the speed of bid completion, allowed more test chambers to replicate concurrently, and enhanced logistical planning for shipments.

The improvements that Nitrosphere provided to Acacia Communication’s SQL Server replication performance helped their marketing, sales, logistics, and customer satisfaction processes to be more efficient, effective, and competitive. A few months after the successful implementation of NitroAccelerator, Acacia’s largest customer, CISCO, acquired the company to further extend the capabilities provided.

“… 541,092 commands in about 2 hours. That is insane… I’d be waiting DAYS for it to catch up with a backlog that large.”


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