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Welcome to NitroSphere: Accelerate and secure end-to-end SQL Server network traffic with our endpoint-based software with zero downtime.

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We develop products that accelerate, secure, and reduce the cost of SQL Server applications over the WAN or cloud. Our products pay for themselves within months by improving productivity, reducing risk of breaches, and in direct savings on bandwidth costs.

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Businesses of every size have increasingly complex environments for their SQL Server applications – with geographically dispersed operations from data centers to branches to home offices to vendors and partners.

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“NitroAccelerator is a no brainer when it comes to improving cloud application performance.”

Peter Boonstra, Canon

Uses NitroAccelerator to improve cloud application performance

“The compression rate was 85% ... Our Distribution Agent actually had to wait for the Log Reader.”

Tai Le, Qualcomm

Achieving real-time replication while pushing over a terabyte of transactional data per month

“Replication for 175 servers around the world was taking 26 hours each to complete. You reduced that to 2 hours.”
Paul Wilson, Dynatrace

Maintaining real-time data availability by reducing replication latency by as much as 80%