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NitroAccelerator optimizes SQL Server WAN performance using
advanced software that requires no configuration or down-time to test and deploy.

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Dramatically accelerate your SQL Server network traffic. 

1) Improve end user experience and operational processes by accelerating network traffic between selected endpoints.
2) Secure data in transit using encryption methods compatible with your enterprise.
3) Reduce latency & bandwidth costs across the organization.

What are the benefits of Nitrosphere’s software-only solution?

✅ Easy installation and upgrades
✅ No coding
✅ No downtime
✅ No expensive and security breeching hardware
✅ Flexible deployment to just the endpoints you want to affect

“… 541,092 commands in about 2 hours. That is insane… I’d be waiting DAYS for it to catch up with a backlog that large.”

Do I Need NitroAccelerator?

System Requirements

Windows 2008 and later

Vista and later

2000 and later

Why don’t I just purchase more bandwidth?

Doesn’t always solve the problem. If you have a mobile workforce or offices in remote regions, additional bandwidth may not be available to them. NITROSPHERE may be the only cost-effective solution in this case.

Bandwidth costs add up. When you purchase bandwidth, you are generally adding an additional monthly cost for as long as you are using that bandwidth. This applies whether you are running on-premise or cloud-based applications. And you multiply these costs for every site that needs more bandwidth, which, for some NITROSPHERE customers, added up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Therefore, they use NITROSPHERE to lower their bandwidth costs as well as improve performance.

Cloudy with a chance of rain. Cloud services can compound the issue by charging for the actual volume of data moved into/out of a cloud-hosted database. This adds additional charges on top of your bandwidth costs. NITROSPHERE helps minimize the amount of data moving into and out of the cloud-hosted database.

Do you support application servers running Linux?

NitroAccelerator is a Windows only solution, but we do accelerate and secure non-linux clients accessing the SQL Server. It is also possible to use a Windows system with us installed to proxy to the server. Reach out to us for details.

Our performance monitoring tool returns good results and users are not complaining.

  • Defer bandwidth upgrades
  • Save on current bandwidth costs
  • Reduce network congestion to free up resources for other apps
  • Free up resources for your current SQL Server by processing data faster

We are migrating to the cloud.

  • NitroAccelerator can also save you bandwidth costs for your purchased bandwidth from your cloud providers.
  • Migrating to cloud can negatively impact performance of apps that formerly ran within your data center.
  • Using NitroAccelerator you can get LAN level performance out of your cloud applications.

I already have a WAN acceleration/optimization appliance such as Riverbed, Bluecoat, Silverpeak, etc.

Many NITROSPHERE customers use our products in conjunction with WAN accelerators. WAN accelerators commonly use a technique called “False Ack” for database application which means that it tells the application that the data has been received when, in actuality it has not been delivered yet. This false acking can cause unstable database connections when communicating over channels with packet loss. Due to this, many enterprises configure the appliance so that database traffic is just passed through and not accelerated. With NITROSPHERE your data gets to its destination using the native application/database protocols which means you get the full stability offered by those protocols even when packets are lost due to congestion or low quality networks.

I’m considering purchasing a WAN acceleration/optimization appliance such as Riverbed, Bluecoat, Silver- peak, etc.

NITROSPHERE improves reliability. WAN accelerators use false acknowledgements that can cause instability. NitroAccelerator achieves its performance gains without the use of false acks.

NITROSPHERE costs less. WAN accelerators can be very expensive with initial costs between two locations at over $30K just for the hardware. Large enterprises can easily spend millions of dollars on WAN accelerators, whereas NITROSPHERE customers can deploy complete solutions for less than $10K.

NITROSPHERE is more secure. While WAN accelerators can encrypt traffic between locations, in order to implement end-to-end encryption, they require that you provide the encryption keys for applications you want to accelerate. This means that the appliance first decrypts the data, then operates on it, then re-encrypts it. This is not end-to-end encryption. Hardware accelerators also increase the attack surface for hackers by caching your corporate data to disks on the device, meaning that if the appliance is breached, so is your enterprise. NITROSPHERE is the only true end-to-end encryption and acceleration provider.

I’m considering using a remote application/desktop solution such as offered by Citrix and others.

NITROSPHERE costs less. Like WAN accelerators, these solutions usually require hardware and are very expensive. Common deployments for 1,000 desktops can cost $500K to $1M. As a software-only solution, NITROSPHERE does not have to sell expensive hardware.

Single point of failure. The reason that companies started migrating to distributed solutions from mainframes in the 1990’s was to avoid single points of failure and to put the applications closer to the end-user. In the event of a data center outage, can you afford to have potentially thousands of end-users/locations completely offline also? NITROSPHERE enables you to implement applications with modern architectures while enabling you to make decisions based on what your
end users need without the limitation of worrying about performance or security at the endpoint.

Doesn’t always solve performance. While remote application/desktop solutions can sometimes address latency issues, they don’t always result in acceptable performance for end users in branch or store locations. NITROSPHERE can help provide a bridge of performance for these locations while working in conjunction with the remote application/desktop solution.

If you do not immediately experience significant performance benefits, Please contact us at Many times it’s just a minor configuration or process issue that is between you and huge performance gains.