Wow! I can’t believe January is already almost over. We hit the ground running this year with honing our focus as a company, taking care of our existing customers, and onboarding new ones. In 2016, we made major inroads in stabilizing and adding some key new features to NitroAccelerator such as intelligent protocol detection and HyperCache which significantly speeds up client-server applications. We also announced support for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) which is our first foray into accelerating applications purely at the TCP/IP level. In 2017 you will see new capabilities put into NitroAccelerator which will further broaden our market appeal in the SQL Server space and you will also see a new product that takes what we learned with SSAS and brings acceleration and security to ALL Windows-based applications.

In 2016 we won back several customers who decided that, indeed, we are mission critical to their operation, and we also expanded our customer base significantly. In the last few months, we have won customers in Europe, Asia, and Africa (as well as the USA) and are now working opportunities that will put us on EVERY continent in the world.

So, we have been busy! This week we are returning to our bread and butter in putting a focus on SQL Server Replication. Many of our original customers are using NitroAccelerator to speed up replication between geographically dispersed locations and we believe that replication is a good way to co-locate data with the applications to improve performance at those locations. Pinal Dave wrote a nice piece this week about this use for replication, as well as other replication scenarios in his latest nicely title blog, When to Use a Sledgehammer and When to use a Screwdriver.

I’m also looking forward to my first video blog where I interview a Nitrosphere customer about the before and after relating to NitroAccelerator. It’s a great interview and I hope you watch it. I’ll be doing this on a regular basis with customers and other people in our industry.

With that, a belated but excited Happy 2017!

Dramatically accelerate and secure your end-to-end SQL Server network traffic for:

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  • Windows SMB File Transfer
  • Database Replication
  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Applications

Through our easy to deploy endpoint-based software.
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