For one reason or another, we have found that there is not too much information online about adjusting the SQL Server Network Packet Size. Even Microsoft’s documentation recommends that ‘most applications’ perform ‘best’ with the default 4096 value.

The Nitrosphere team is dedicated to improving network performance and we have found that changing the SQL Server Packet Size is a quick and often effective solution. This is one of the items that we change when working with a new server and our favorite part of the process is that a server restart is not needed afterwards.

Connections negotiate packet sizes automatically, so increasing this value on your SQL Server will reduce large query times and improve client-server application performance when it can, but it will not force a larger packet size throughout the network.

To Increase the SQL Server Network Packet Size:

1. Open up SQL Server Management Studio and connect to your Server
2. In Object Explorer, right-click on the Server and select Properties
3. Select the Advanced option
4. Within the Network section, change the value from 4096 to 32000
5. Click OK

As with any alteration in settings, we recommend monitoring the improvements in performance, especially with older hardware or software. Keep in mind that if the application requires a smaller packet size, it will simply negotiate that lower value automatically.

Increasing the network packet size will benefit your network even if you are not running our SQL Server Connection Acceleration Software, so we recommend making the change right away.

If the performance improvements of this change do not fix your network performance issues, we recommend taking a look at our endpoint-based acceleration software. Much like the packet size increase process above, it does not require a server restart and it will only take a few minutes to test.

“Nitrosphere’s solution is simple, but highly effective.” – Gluesoft