Retail Stores Expand – Secure Customer Data With End-to-End Store Data Encryption

In the last post, we talked about performance of retail store data movement and how it needs to be in real-time to attract and retain customers.

Then there’s security. If we learned one thing in 2014 it is that data breaches are haunting retailers. According to a Security Week blog post that sourced data from Gemalto, 2014 saw one billion records compromised in 1,500 data breaches worldwide; compared to 2013, those numbers are an increase of 80 percent in term of data records and 40 percent in terms of breaches overall. The top two sectors for breaches were Retail and Financial Services. No one is predicting 2015 numbers to shrink.

Retailers are working at every touch-point to secure customer data to protect their consumers and their brands. Real-time data collection and data movement from retail outlets require the highest levels of encryption to secure customer data.

When retailers look to appliance-based solutions to increase their data movement and replication performance between databases, they create new security risks without the ability to provide true end-to-end data encryption. Retail business and IT technologists don’t have to sacrifice security for performance with innovative solutions like NitroAccelerator. This encryption and compression solution does not use a middleman in providing 256-bit encryption and guaranteed data delivery with high performance across any network. Retailers will continue to find places to secure their customer and store data while expanding rapidly. NitroAccelerator is one of the enablers that retailers need in order to meet consumer experience requirements and to be a good stewards of data.

All of these trends show that retailers in particular are ripe for technology that securely accelerates data movement to support their expansion and growth requirements. How will the data captured by the barista who makes lattes in the Xi’an, China store ultimately be shared with global operations? From Mom and Pop stores to global brands, the onus is on the retailer to move data quickly and securely to delight consumers and keep them coming back for more.

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