NitroAccelerator 6.0

We are happy to announce NitroAccelerator 6.0! We now can significantly improve performance of “chatty” applications. Chattiness can be caused by applications that require a lot of validations or that involve complex user interfaces that need to contact the server every time data is entered for a field. A very common cause of chattiness is when the developer uses multiple active result sets (MARS) to connect to SQL Server. This option causes extra round trips to SQL Server to retrieve data which amplifies the latency of your network.

We have had many customers experience this effect without even knowing their application was using MARS. In the past we needed to detect that MARS was in use so we could let the customer know that there was no way to address their performance issue. Now that is no longer a factor and, upon installing NitroAccelerator, they will see performance improvement without having to know about MARS!

Dramatically accelerate and secure your end-to-end SQL Server network traffic for:

  • SQL Server Tabular Data Stream (TDS)
  • Windows SMB File Transfer
  • Database Replication
  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Applications

Through our easy to deploy endpoint-based software.
No configuration / No downtime.

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