Monoliths of Management

It’s interesting to me that the industry trend in terms of management systems is a return to monolithic architectures – collect a bunch of data and suck it into a big cloud database for analysis. There are several problems with these architectures ranging from creating choke points for data movement, single points of failure, and systems management data movement competing with business applications for network bandwidth. I believe that the strongest, fastest, safest systems are the ones that are fully distributed with no single point of failure. That is why we at Nitrosphere believe that intelligent management starts at the endpoint. And we start with optimization which will drive further intelligence. More to come in later blogs…

Arthur C. Clarke said it eloquently,
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” At Nitrosphere, our core mission is to make security and performance transparent to the end-user and to give end-users and organizations control of their data wherever it resides or travels. It should be like magic. Check out this great review from last week on NitroAccelerator. It highlights the transparency of what we deliver by showing the ease with which an organization can realize the benefits of the product. You’re basically looking at a matter of minutes to get the product installed and running.


Dramatically accelerate and secure your end-to-end SQL Server network traffic for:

  • SQL Server Tabular Data Stream (TDS)
  • Windows SMB File Transfer
  • Database Replication
  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Applications

Through our easy to deploy endpoint-based software.
No configuration / No downtime.

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