End-to-End Encryption: Before it Was Hip

June 5th, 2014 has been dubbed “reset the net” day, where several organizations including resetthenet.org, Twitter, Google, and others launched an effort to push for awareness and action with respect to building applications that respect the privacy of their users.

One of the key things these organizations are advocating for is the use of end-to-end encryption for web and mobile applications. In an article published in Wired.com, the author says, “This <end-to-end encryption> is the most important technological change and would help protect data through its entire journey from sender to recipient.”

I find this both interesting and gratifying because NitroAccelerator from Nitrosphere has provided end-to-end encryption as an option for more than 6 years. The primary driver for customers to use our product is to gain 10x performance improvement for their SQL Server replication and cloud applications.  Not only are our customers experiencing this performance benefit, nearly all customers using NitroAccelerator for their cloud-based applications use the encryption feature.  In fact, we even have a customer using the product exclusively for the end-to-end encryption so that they do not have to force their customers into using a VPN for their custom application.

Our 256-bit encryption assures secure transactions on the cloud.   One note of caution when looking at WAN replication, optimization and acceleration solutions is that most use a middleman appliance to gain performance.  In that scenario, it is not possible to encrypt data end-to-end.  NitroAccelerator is not a middleman appliance solution, rather it uses a unique compression technology that maintains encryption and delivers data end to end.

To sum it up, we’re proud to say that we’ve had end-to-end encryption before it was cool. 🙂 Look for further announcements with regard to end-to-end encryption from Nitrosphere in the near future.


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