Database Performance and the Network Effect

There is a good summary of SQL Server 2016 features in this article in TechCrunch. A key highlight is the vast improvement in performance as, “queries should execute 25 percent faster on the same hardware. Once you start making use of new features like SQL Server 2016’s in-memory update-able column stores, those speed-ups could hit 100x for some types of queries.” This kind of performance improvement is incredible and sets apart SQL Server from its competitors. However, if you look at my blog from last week about network congestion, for those with already congested networks or with branches and users who have low or variable bandwidth connections, they may not realize the full benefit of these performance gains. This is akin to the great gains in CPU power that were made prior to the advent of SSD storage where hard disk technology was not able to supply data fast enough for the CPU to consume. Thus techniques like on-disk caching were used. I believe that improvements like this will increase the need for network performance acceleration and other techniques to enable end-users to fully realize the benefits of the upcoming SQL Server 2016 release.


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