Case Study:

How Gomez, the Web Performance Division of Compuware, addressed global SQL Server WAN Replication

Back when Gomez became the Web Performance division of Compuware, one of the keys to success was the ability to use NitroAccelerator to help provide real-time performance data to global customers over the internet. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on Gomez to optimize the performance, quality, and availability of their web and mobile applications.

The Challenge

With over 100,000 networked locations worldwide, Gomez faced a challenge providing real-time performance data that it promised its customers. Particularly many of its largest customers are distributed and require performance data to be collected from around the globe. In order to be a real-time solution, they had to improve the ability to push data around the world, no matter the network scenarios.

The Gomez Performance Network relies on SQL Server to house their customers’ performance data. This data is stored geographically local to the websites they monitor and is replicated back to their headquarters using transactional replication. The replication from the remote sites occurs over WAN connections that vary in speed and reliability. These WAN connections in many cases are unable to maintain a real-time flow of performance data.

The Solution

With NitroAccelerator, Compuware’s Gomez team is able to maintain real-time replication across even their slowest WAN connections. NitroAccelerator provides an 80% reduction in TCP packets and between 80 to 90% reduction in latency.

With NitroAccelerator, our SQL Server replication latency was reduced up to 80%. Since we are running replication on hundreds of servers around the world, this improvement has enabled us to deliver better customer service and has allowed us to continue to expand our business into new regions and countries.”




Dramatically accelerate and secure your end-to-end SQL Server network traffic for:

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  • Database Replication
  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Applications

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