Accelerating Analysis

In the past I’ve talked about the paralysis of analysis. Today I have news that Nitrosphere now accelerates analysis – SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)! SSAS is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform. BI reporting can generate huge result sets at the SSAS client and cause data analysts to spend undue time waiting for data to be pulled to their systems for analysis and reporting. Now with NitroAccelerator the entire flow of data is accelerated – from SQL Server databases into the SSAS Server, then to the data analysts running SSAS clients. Data analyst wait times for our customers who tested the product were reduced by 90%. That’s pretty amazing!

The other significant aspect to this new product release is that it is our first offering that has generalized TCP/IP acceleration. The original NitroAccelerator optimized the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol which is the proprietary mechanism that SQL Server uses to transfer data. TDS is highly inefficient, so we started there. With NitroAccelerator 5.5 we are now in the realm of WAN optimization and security for applications with the first being SSAS. This is the first down payment on Nitrosphere’s strategy that we began executing early this year. Expect to see more exciting news from us before the end of 2016!

This is a timely product release as we are announcing this at the PASS Summit 2016 conference in Seattle this week. We’re looking forward to meeting up with customers, prospects, and MVPs at the conference. If you are attending, please come see us at Booth K4.

You can see the press release here.

Dramatically accelerate and secure your end-to-end SQL Server network traffic for:

  • SQL Server Tabular Data Stream (TDS)
  • Windows SMB File Transfer
  • Database Replication
  • Thick Clients / Client-Server / 2-Tiered Applications

Through our easy to deploy endpoint-based software.
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