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Rethinking Your SQL Server WAN & Cloud Strategy 

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Canon Case Study

By tuning SQL Server in conjunction with NitroAccelerator, Canon Europe is getting 20 percent more throughput—a significant per- formance increase – especially considering image data is normally considered uncompressible.

NitroAccelerator | Case Study | Canon Europe


Qualcomm is using SQL Server to replicate data between San Diego and China using pull transactional replication. The replication over the WAN simply was not able to keep up.

NitroAccelerator | Case Study | Qualcomm

Dynatrace Case Study

With Nitro Accelerator,our SQL Server replication latency was reduced up to 80%. Since we are running replication on hundreds of servers around the world, this improvement has enabled us to deliver better customer service and has allowed us to continue to expand our business into new regions and countries

NitroAccelerator | Case Study | Dynatrace


Communicus chooses NitroAccelerator to improve business intelligence database performance while reducing data egress charges

NitroAccelerator | Case Study | Communicus

NitroAccelerator SQL Server Replication Solved

NitroAccelerator: SQL Server Replication Problems Solved

NitroAccelerator | Whitepaper | ESG

Networking is a very broad topic, most of which is completely transparent to SQL Server and Database Administrators (DBAs). One of the places this fact is most noticeable is in the SQL Server wait statistics (sys.dm_os_wait_stats and sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks). There are a few wait types specifically associated with networking scenarios, but the wait type you most commonly see that may indicate a network issue is ASYNC_NETWORK_IO.

Whitepaper |DBA Tactics for Optimizing SQL Server Network Performance 


Do you need to improve application performance? • For cloud applications with geographically dispersed end users or other connection points • For applications being migrated from on-premise to cloud • For end users in home or remote offices, or hotels and other locations with public Wi-Fi net- works • Between geographically separated servers for data replication or other data access such as application servers connected to database servers

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