NitroPrefetch provides a secure, reliable and accelerated connection to SQL Server over the internet, WAN or LAN.  It uses machine learning to understand the pattern of work flow within a SQL based application in order to predict SQL requests and issue them to the database just before the application needs them. It consists of a client component that runs on the same machine as the SQL application and proxies the information over a reliable and encrypted connection to the NitroPrefetch server.  The prediction and pre-fetch will fail-safe because any application requests that do not match predicted queries will result in the system making the request directly to the database.

In practice when users access apps like, for example, Sage 100, at each stage there are a number of choices a user can make. For example, a user may open an individual invoice from the invoice summary form. At this point, the NitroPrefetch system will know to pre-fetch all the calls that it has learned (and will be coming up) using the correct parameters so that the effect of network latency on the user experience is minimal.


  1. Register for NitroPrefetch Beta
  2. Perform steps 1-6 in the Server Setup section of the NitroPrefetch Users Guide (see link)
  3. Schedule a Trial Setup call with our technical team
  4. Run your application with NitroPrefetch active
  5. Schedule Trial Review
We will review analytics that NitroPrefetch collects to determine if there are other optimizations we can provide to further improve performance


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